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“ Developing Gifts, Ministries, and Destinies for His Glory ”

DOMA Mission Statement

The Destiny Outreach Ministerial Association (“DOMA”) is a national organization of twenty-first century Christian ministries and ministry gifts. DOMA was founded by Bishop B.A. Gibert, Senior Pastor of Detroit World Outreach Christian Center Church. It was formed in 2009 in response to numerous pastors and leaders requesting assistance to develop their ministries, as well as by the spiritual confirmation of
Bishop Gibert's father in ministry, Bishop I.V. Hilliard.

The mission of DOMA is to provide covering, connection, and counsel opportunities for minsters and churches that have a desire for spiritual relationship to Bishop B.A. Gibert. It provides four distinct opportunities for connection:

(1) A forum for ministerial development and connection

(2) A mechanism for knowledge exchange, instruction, and wisdom

(3) A formal opportunity for counsel to Churches, Ministries, Pastors, Leaders, Christian Business people

(4) Pastoral covering for ministers and pastors desiring the deepest level of spiritual connection

Although DOMA can serve as a spiritual covering, DOMA is not a denomination. DOMA in no way limits membership in other Christian organizations. DOMA is completely open to denominational as well as independent ministries.

The key requirement for participation and maximum benefit is a "Heartfelt Commitment to the 'Gospel, Integrity and Godly excellence'."

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